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Chengdu Ko Yo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd


Chengdu Ko Yo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd which used to be a state-owned enterprise was acquired by Ko Yo Group in 1999. It is comprised of ammonia plant, soda plant and urea plant. Its products include synthetic ammonia, industrial soda, edible additive soda, ammonia chloride, and urea. The annual production is ammonia 90,000t/a, industrial soda 90,000t/a, urea 90,000t/a, ammonia chloride 10,000t/a. 


       The company is entitled the honors of “Quality Demonstration Enterprise of Industry”, “Demonstration Enterprise of Creditable Quality & Service”, “Outstanding Enterprise of Petrol & Chemical Industry”, “Top 20 E-performance of Sichuan Industrial Enterprise”, “Top 200 Scale of Sichuan Industrial Enterprise” etc. Its brand name “Hu Guang” is awarded “Top Ten Fertilizer Brand of China”.


       The company has set up preferential policies to attract chemical engineering, economic management, and marketing professionals into the enterprise. The operation philosophy of the company is “Respecting staff and dedicated to work; Efficiency and profit together; Co-existence and joint prosperity”. The pursuit of employee value and the company value together has enhanced the human resources building for challenges.


       The company has cooperated with various scientific institutes to promote the technical contents and added value, conforming to the green development trend of the world.